Knight Design Interiors Essex: Terms and Conditions


Approval of Goods and Designs

Please ensure that the selected merchandise and designs are approved by you.
Knight Design (Interiors) Ltd (to be known as KD) accepts no responsibility for your selections once the products are in place.  KD will act on verbal instructions from the client regarding any changes or additions to the original estimate.  Additional charges will be subsequently notified in writing.  These Terms and Conditions of Sale will cover any verbal agreements made.  Please ensure correct access available for furniture ordered. 

It is the client's responsibility to ensure that all sub floors are suitable/level for the laying of floor coverings, unless instructed prior to fitting.  

Estimates A signed copy of this agreement and an initial deposit of 75% of the estimate are necessary before merchandise is ordered, however, pro forma merchandise and immediately deliverable items must be paid for at point of order. 

Prices are subject to change without notice.  You will be notified immediately should this occur.  Estimates include VAT at the current rate and are valid for 30 days from date of estimate.  If work is carried out at night, weekends, or public holidays, additional labour costs may be incurred.  A further deposit will be required if any additional orders are place and will be invoiced immediately.  Estimated curtain lead times are 6-8 weeks and subject to fabric availability.  Estimates are subject to site survey and include one fitting visit unless otherwise stated.  Upholstery estimates are subject to being seen by the upholsterer, any remedial works shall be advised and invoiced accordingly.  Subsequent visits for any reason may incur an additional cost.  A survey fee based on 1 ½ hours including travel time has been included.  Time spent thereafter on site shall be charged at a pro rata hourly rate of £55 inc. VAT.

Cancellations Bespoke items cannot be cancelled once ordered and other items may be subject to suppliers or manufacturer cancellation charges.

Specialist Consultants The client shall be asked to pay direct the fees of any Quantity Surveyors, Civil or Structural Engineers, Mechanical Electrical, Heating, Sanitary and
Ventilating Engineers, where their services are required in conjunction with KD's scope of works.

Insurance KD excludes liability for damage, fire or theft of client's goods whilst in their care.  Clients are advised to ensure they are adequatley covered by insurance.  

Items of Approval & Returnable Samples Furniture and all other items sent on approval at the clients request will be the sole responsibility of the client whilst in the client's custody or control, including whilst in transit to and from the client's premises.  Any packaging, postal, transportation or insurance costs will be charged to the client on an indemnity basis.  Unreturned items will be charged accordingly.

Packaging, Storage &/or Delivery costs All the above are chargeable at cost to the client.  Delivery charges are shown as estimated on our estimates and may be subject to change.  A commission for handling can be made and will be advised.

Travel Expenses Travel expenses may be charged at cost only where applicable.  Car travel will be charged on mileage rate to include wear and tear.  Rail and Air fares will also be charged at cost.

Terms of PaymentThe client accepts KD's current fee structure last updated 1st January 2015 subject to change without notice.  Design fees are charged at the discretion of KD.  Should payments not be made as agreed, KD reserves the right to withhold further work or installation of furnishings until such accounts have been settled in full.  You will be invoiced for the goods and work ordered at the point of order.  Final payment for any one item becomes due prior to delivery of that item. 

Interest Balances unpaid after 14 days from payment request are subject to an interest charge of 10% per month or part thereof.  Interest will continue to be charged on unpaid balances after 14 days even though a partial payment has been received.  A fee of £15 shall be charged for each default letter sent.   

TitleKD reserves the right to all goods in the event of non-payment of any accounts.  All charges are exclusive of sales, taxes, and import duties which will be the sole liability of the client.  Photographic images of completed interior schemes may be published for Knight Design Interiors PR purposes only.

LiabilityKD excludes all liability of whatever nature for all acts or omissions of any persons (or any agents or servant of the person) with whom the client contracts directly for the provision of any goods and services, the subject of the estimate provided or for any delays in completion of the work for reasons outside the direct control of the designer.  KD accepts no responsibility for wallpaper/paint quantities estimated and ordered.  It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure fabric and wallpaper purchased is checked thoroughly for flaws and omissions before the product is cut, hung or altered in any way.  Any flaws or omissions must be reported to KD immediately.

Defects Any defects in goods supplied or work carried out must be notified by the client in writing within 5 working days from delivery or installation.  In the event of any defect being so notified and found justified, KD will liaise with the contractor/supplier on the client's behalf to either arrange to remedy the defect or replace the defective goods.

Aftercare Whilst every effort is made to meet our high standards and estimated deadlines, due to the hand made nature of our product, problems do occasionally occur.  Usually this is due to fabric being out of stock or fitting dates being inconvenient.  Please be assured that we will always respond immediately to remedy any problems so that you are not inconvenienced and the quality of our work is not compromised.  Please seek specialist cleaning instructions.  Please note that certain natural fabrics, for example, wool, linen and silk etc. do have inherent woven slubs and are prone to creasing  Silk may perish with exposure to the sun.. Colour variations may occur between any product order batches inc. wood, metal and glass.  Fabric may be affected by Fire Retardency/stain protection applications.  Fabric may be affected by atmospheric conditions and prone to movement, manipulation and fading once in situ.  Fabrics with an applied finish e.g. chintz and wax coated fabrics are subject to aging upon being handled during the making process.  Natural floor coverings may contain occasional irregularities in weave and colour.  Natural fibres when dyed can never be completely colourfast. All natural products/wood are subject to movement.

Law & Jurisdiction Any signed agreement between designer and client, and any dispute arising, will be governed by the Laws of England and Wales, and any action resulting may be brought in the Courts of England and Wales.